"The door" is an ambient information system created in the research project "potentials of ambient communication environments" of the university of applied sciences Osnabrück headed by Prof. Hannes Nehls. It provides sensible and critical information.

By using the door, Information will indicate various situation about the current status quo of the environment. It provides a lack of Information which is needed to help to understand the status on the other side. It works by translating information into kinesthetic resistance. The muscles in your body will sense these variable changes when pressing or pulling the door. Depending on the situation the kinesthetic experience will change.

More over it act like digital nudge in the analog world which can lead people to change their behavior in a positive way. By experience the door your behavior might change after time. For example you were always late on time for meetings, but now the door will change the kinesthetic resistance to a more heavy opening. It will force you to give the door a heavy push. The door is acting different as usual, so in a unconscious way people get a nudge to reflect about their late coming behavior.

In order to provide these information, it will be provided in a non destructive way. Additionally you can add these feature to the most common door-closing systems without harming the original functionality. ‚The door‘ is usable for many different critical and sensible environments, that is why it is designed as a modular concept. It can be adjusted differently according to your needs.





concept, code, electrical engineering

University of applied sciences Osnabrück, " Potentials of Ambient Communication Environments", 2017

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