Human Machine Relation

The projects mentioned in the context of "Human Machine Relation" are the title of a series of projects derived from the field of "Human Machine Interaction". Each of the three projects deals with a topic of this relation: "Interdependence", "Legibility" and "Projection". All three projects are based on an exploration of a field of technology, which is built upon the respective project and attempts to communicate and make it perceptible.

Ambient Interaction

In the context of research projects in which I have participated in recent years, a focus on ambience interaction has developed in the following projects. This topic has already been dealt with in an earlier study project Remember the warm times and the experience gained was then incorporated into the research project "Potentials of ambient communication environments" at the University of Osnabrück. In the context of this project, my bachelor thesis was written. Together with Hannes Nehls, we created the topic of Resisting Infrastructure, from which we were able to implement 4 projects in this field during my time as a researcher at the university.


In contrast to applied research on objects, ambience communication can also take place in a room. The work 10Hoch7 tries to implement this by transforming the feeling of being stared at in public space into a communication channel, thus creating a transfer of information about it. The own basics of ambient communication can be applied to this as well.

As the COVID-19 pandemic happened, with lockdowns a global question arose:
How do we, from within the safe corners of our own walls, keep processes running? Many sectors have migrated to classic video conferences as at least some kind of replacement.
The world’s largest video conference call - waiting for humans , was erected: elevated as a totem of our current times, streaming our personal spheres and art to the scale of the city, live for 24h.

Reactive Spaces

As a contrast to this, however, a work in space does not necessarily have to have an application, but can also only create an experience. This happens in the media art context with the work Gravity, as well as in the subcultural context with the works for the Serum Collective and with the modular light system 20Grad.

Project Achive

The works classified into topics are only a selection of the projects, topics and rides I have been working on in the last years. For this reason there is a project archive which shows further work. These are projects from my studies, research or from the field of culture and media art. Applied commercial projects and realizations are not listed in this archive, and can be found on the website of my company the attic

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