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Serum Syndic

Created in: 2015

More informations: here

Visualize the music which are around you in an abstract way. This projection mapping installation is driven by the live input of the music.

As well as the „Serum 414“ and the „Serum Bars“ the „Serum Syndic“ installation is a part of the serum events. This installation is my latest one for the serum events and was first shown on 31/10/15 party which was visited by around 500 people.
The idea of this two dimensional mapping installation was to create an abstract data visualization of the live music which is connected to the serum 414 which is an real 3D artifact.
The base of „Serum Syndic“ is the live music input from the DJs. Then the program analyzed all frequencies and levels of the input.
The installation contains two different data types: Dots and MainDots. A Dot includes the data of on frequency for example 60 Hz. The size of this dot is connected to the current range of this frequency. If the frequency is not played at the moment the dot will disappear.

Every Dot is connected to one mainDot. Every MainDot includes a frequency range of 10. So there are 10 dots connected to one mainDot. The size of the mainDot is the sum of all 10 connected dots. The movement of the mainDot which is mirrored by the dots, is driven by the level chances of the frequency range.
Everytime two dots have the same value a thin line will be shown to connect these two.

The amount of MainDots is regulated by the spectrum of the input. Every mainDot is connected to the outline of the „Serum 414“. These outlines are mapped onto the „Serum 414“ installation.

The goal of this installation was to created an abstract data visualization which is handsome for the visitors as well as relatable.