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Created in: 2015

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The main idea of the decimation installation is to make communication between people more visible. If you are visiting a place at an exhibition you don't know if there were much communication at this place hours ago. Today people communicate more and more via there smartphones, even if they are at places with friends. We wanted to give an impulse to communicate and interact with this installation.

The concept of this installation are plates which are places under the top of an room. For a good experience a scale of around 6x6 meter is the best. In our prototype we just build 3 m2 plates.
Every plate which is 1x1 m contains 4 high frequency microphones which continuously measuring the decimal meter below them. As well as 49 high power power LEDs which includes an WB2812B chip. With this chip it is possible to combine those Leds but the controller is able to control every LED on his own. With this technic you only need one control cable to control those leds. Every plate got an input and an output port on its sides. So it is easy to stack those plates together to scale the whole installation to that size which is needed for the room without heavy coding.

When the installation is installed it got 2 main functions. On the one hand it visuals the live decibel input around the microphones via the LEDs. With this feature the visitors an can interact with the installation on there own. This collected datas are live streamed via some websoccets and a database to an web interface where everybody can see the live input of the decibel levels.
On the other hand the LEDs displays the decibel level from the the last 24 hours. Every hour got an unique color code. For example is is 12:47:50 am the LEDs don't even show the current live input more they shows the inputs from 11:47:50am, 10:47:50am, 9:47:50am … 13:47:50am ( the day before).
With this two features the installation crates a generative user driven output which can manipulate by everyone with there voice.