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Hallo Welt

Created in: 2015

In cooperation with:

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The idea of this installation is more than it is visible at its first sight. During the day it serves as a simple source of light, but at night it tells stories: This installation knows that you are there.

Every step, every word, every sound, it is beware of. And tonight everyone will know that you have been there, since Assimilight noted it and it will tell it.
Assimilight has the unique ability to translate the recorded day sounds in an exhibition space in its own language: light.
Many people have visited the exhibition? When it gets dark, you can watch Assimilight in how they processed the day's adventures.
12 hours volume on day 12 hours brightness at night. This property of Assimilight is not only beautiful to look at, it also attracts the attention of the people who have not visited the exhibition. So Assimilight is generative and all visitors are involved in the output of the installation to reflects the individual character of the exhibition.