Serum 414

The „Serum 414“ light installation is part of the serum events which are based in Osnabrück. It reacts live to the music which are played by the DJs. This creates an symbiosis between the light and sound for the members of the event.

Serum 414






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  • interactive installation
  • sound sensitive
  • event technology



The Serum 414 Installation also known as the „Serum Drop“ was my first installation which i created for the serum collective. It was designed in cooperation with two other members of the serum team. The „drop“ is the CI logo of Serum. We rebuild this digital logo as a real artifact. The dimensions of this artifact are around 1100mm x 600mm x 200mm.
It was made from wood plates and is closed with a polysterol plate which is works as a diffuser of the light. The inside of the drop is filled with 414 RGB Leds which contains an WB2812B controller chip. With this chip it is possible to control every led on its own with an arduino. Those LEDs are placed on the frontside of the baseplate as well as on the inlines of the drop.

The Serum 414 installation reacts on the current sound output of the DJs. As well the installation contains different functions which can be controlled via an MIDI input device.

Another part of the Serum 414 installation are the Serum bars. These bares are 1 meter long and contains an led strip which is diffused with two polysterol plates. Thru this components the triangle form of the bars was created. The bars can be arranged in every possible form or pattern. It can be controlled via live music input but mostly is driven by a perlin noise pattern which gives a more organic look of the color changes.

Latest iteration:

Since the summer 2016 I started to rewrite the whole communication between the MIDI controller and the Serum 414 installation. Since than the communication based on an own serial protocol. But the problem with Serial communication and Arduino is that is that the amount of lost datasets is quite hight at higher bautrates. So I rewrite the communication protocol from scratch, so that ne communication is now network based on UDP. With this communication it is possible to sent more complex datasets with an legacy under 20ms.
Currently I am working on an new interface to control the different installations. Most of the installation parts of the Serum events are now based on the ESP8266 so it is possible to control all installation parts like lights, projection mappings, foggers via wireless UDP communication with one controller. Even the different parts are now able to react to each other. This will be shown at the Serum events end of the year.

Events ( selected)

Exhibitions & talks

  • Serum#6 with Biodub
  • Serum#7 with Frits Wentink, Ayana Blume
  • Serum#8 with Ed Davenport, Arne Zabel
  • Serum#9 with Jacob Korn, Jaures, Carl Suspect
  • Serum#10 with Orson Wells
  • Serum#11 with XDB, Tania Humeres
  • Serum OpenAir 2016 with Carl Suspect


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