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HERE creates an immersive 3-dimensional conversation space for discussions across long distances with many participants. Each group conversation member is represented by one speaker on the other side which transmits the voice and emotional non-verbal behavior expressed through light and movement.

The team is targeting groups of people who want to have long distance conversations. For example a business call between two companies.
The project is a result of a collaboration between the students of the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück and the Multimedia Design Students of CAAD at the American University in Sharjah.

A SPEAKER that creates a natural discussion space over distances

Excellent sound quality is a key requirement for successful group discussions over long distances. The viewing direction or body language are crucial for a seamless
and guided discussion with several participants, too. HERE is the first system that combines all these aspects in a product.

Remote discussions - More natural

The HERE speaker transfers the voice, eye movement and the body language of a remote participant at another location. Adressed speeches are disengaged through a moving light, which symbolizes the eye movement. When a remote participant is talking, the upper part of the speaker lights up and pulsates to the beat of the voice. If the participant wants to say something and indicates this through the body language, the related speaker moves back and forth to call for attention. The speaker switches
automatically into the away mode, when the microphone gets removed from the users ear.

HERE turns every room into an perfect discussion space

The HERE conference solution creates a feeling of sitting together at one table. The easy and portable HERE system turns every room into a perfect discussion
space. Each remote member is represented by one speaker at the other meeting location. The speaker shines in an unobtrusive, individual-characterized color and mirrors the behaviour of the connected participant – For a natural discussion experience.

Complete conference solution for remote discussions

HERE becomes an optimal user-conferencesolution through the combination of the box, the app and the microphone. Easy carrying in the box that also serves as a charging station, perfect sound quality and a simple solution to start meetings – The perfect conference solution with a natural discussion feeling.

Natural discussions in the easiest way

The meeting gets created and launched in advance or just before the meeting start with the HERE app. All needed speakers, based on the number of remote participants, light up inside the case. They are easy to take from the bag and are ready to get placed on the table. The additional microphones capture a perfect sound quality during the meeting. A microphone connects automatically with the associated speaker when it is turned on and the meeting starts immediately. It ends automatically when all speakers and microphones are back in the box.

HERE is the perfect and optimized solution for natural remote group discussions due to its attractive and modern design and the high technical standards.


Teaser Video


Exhibitions & talks

1 | Send invention. Create a new meeting in the app, invite other members and start the HERE meeting.
2 | Take the speakers out of the box. The HERE speakers light up depending of the remote participants.
3 | Start remote discussion. Place the shining speaker on the table and turn the microphone on. The meeting starts automatically.


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