Connecting The Analog And Digital World

The objective of the workshop is to build a simple connection between a website and a lightbulb, that enables the user to manipulate it in any way. The method of “physical computing” is used in this process to quickly transfer the concept back into the physical world.

Connecting The Analog And Digital World







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  • iot
  • particle photon
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Connecting the digital and analog world was a workshop which was created in cooperation with Frederik Ueberschär and Hannes Nehls for the DMY design festival in June 2016. The goal of this workshop was to show people who are product design related the concepts of rapid prototyping. We showed the participants to switch on an lightbulb via the cloud with an particle photon.
First of all we created a small web interface to interact with the light bulb. In this step the participants learned something about small html interfaces as well as small java script code to active the particle cloud function.
The particle photon is similar the the Arduino with an WIFI module. But the photon got some more functions which the Arduino has not build inside. One the one hand you can flash the firmware directly from your browser. So you don't have to connect your computer to the micro controller every time you made some small code changes.
One the other hand the particle photon got some cloud functions. So it is possible to get sensor values from your micro controller directly via the cloud and you can use them in websites or for other applications. With this cloud functions it is possible as well to interact with the micro controller, like we did in this workshop. You just can click a button on a website and the website will activate the function on the particle photon and the light will be switched on/off via the micro controller.

In the second part of the workshop we showed some basics of coding with the particle photon and the basics of Arduino coding. We prepared the hardware before so the participants does not have to worry about the electric components.


Connecting The Analog And Digital World Connecting The Analog And Digital World Connecting The Analog And Digital World